The Lonely One

APRIL 24, 2023
HKG | 10 minutes | 2021

Drama, romance, LGBTQ+ short film directed by Desmond Lam
Starring Leanne Lam, Ting Jiang

The Lonely One

Chinese title: 假如

The Lonely One explores the disintegration of Joan’s relationship with Marie juxtaposed with an anonymous city’s footbridge and interior space. Deep within the recesses of Joan’s mind we find the fragments of their time together. Did she ever love her? Or was she only in love with a memory?

Director’s Statement

The Lonely One 假如 is my directorial and screenwriting debut. I made this film as an homage to my favourite film directors Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Nolan. It is a personal story, inspired by sleepless nights over lost relationships and a lonely footbridge.

I would like to thank my close collaborators Leanne Lam, Ting Jiang, Sarah Lam, Jacky Wong, Jason Tse, Don Lau, Daisy Chen and Jay Leung for embarking on this journey with me to tell this story of lost love, memories and dreams.

– Desmond Lam

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Director, Producer: Desmond Lam
Writers: Desmond Lam, Seamus Yeo
Cinematographer: Jacky Wong
Composer: Jason Tse, Jay Leung (original song “Moonlight”)
Also starring: Daisy Chen, Don Lau (voiceover)

In Mandarin Chinese & Yue Chinese (Cantonese).

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