The Manicuristas

NOVEMBER 8, 2022
GER | 13 minutes | 2019

Drama, supernatural, LGBTQ+ short film directed by Divina Kuan
Starring Criselda Crescini, Li Yuan, Lola Fuchs

The Manicuristas

Title in German: Manikuristas

A young woman enters a nail studio to redeem her voucher for “Magic Nails” given to her by her ex-girlfriend. But what is awaiting her isn’t just new gel-nails, but a ritual with magical nails which are supposed to free her from her evil spirits.

Director’s Statement

“The Manicurist” as well as the previous short film “The Simulant” are part of a series of films entitled “Objects & Occupations” which explores conventional occupations and objects in a playful artistic way. The films of this series share the premise to challenge our established understanding of reality and existence and contrast this understanding with other possible scenarios in a humorous way. As such, the first film of the series, “The Simulant” shows an actor during his preparation for his specialized role: the simulation of dead people, which he practices to such perfection that the dividing line between life and death is blurred. “The Manicurist” on the other hand is concerned with the psychological effect of rituals and expressions that our rational self declares ineffective.

– Divina Kuan

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Director, Writer, Producer: Divina Kuan
Cinematographer: Ferhat Yunus Topraklar
Editor: Sarah-Christin Peter
Colorist: Andrea Gomez
Music: Senjan Jansen
Artwork: Geovanna Gonzalez
Also featuring: Jing Xiang, Jake Flowers
Shot at Your Nails Studio in Berlin

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