The Monsters of Fi, Igh and Wn

MARCH 14, 2023
USA | 15 minutes | 2022

Experimental, dance short film directed by Leah Lombos
Starring Trixi Anne Agiao, Laray Egea-Saez, Tanya Lewis

The Monsters of Fi, Igh and Wn

Three female warriors sisters are chosen to save their kingdom, training their whole lives to protect their village, but something goes wrong after the king and his men give the women powers. The women wake up confused, damaged and divided on how to move forward, but still decide to persist in their mission to save their people, only to find their biggest enemy had come from within themselves.

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Director: Leah Lombos
Writer, Producer, Choreographer: Trixi Anne Agiao
Cinematographer: Marissa Roxas
Composer: Miko Aguilar

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