MAY 10, 2022
USA | 8 minutes | 2019

Animated, documentary, experimental short film directed by Yuri Jang


An experimental animated documentary about the abduction of a Korean woman in 1930’s Korea by Japanese soldiers and forced to become a “comfort woman.” As an elderly woman, she shares her trauma with the world.

Director’s Statement

I was inspired to create this film because I want to educate people, particularly Japanese citizens, about all the comfort women who were abducted from Japanese-occupied territories throughout Asia. It’s also important that this film be accessible to viewers of all ages. As such, I
am avoiding explicitly violent scenes and instead using abstract animation to portray the brutality inflicted on these women. Finally, rather than focusing on the brutality of the oppressors and making the women seem like passive victims, I will show the grandmother in my film as a strong woman who breaks through her traumatic past and shame to speak truth to power. I want this film to be a gift to the surviving comfort women by spreading their message while thanking them for their courage.

– Yuri Jang

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Director: Yuri Jang
Producer: Ann Lee
Music by: Kara Ford
Featuring: Jackie Lee, Yuri Jang, Howin Park

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