Three Chen Sisters – Thanksgiving

NOVEMBER 22, 2020
USA | 10 minutes | 2018

Comedy short film directed by Elaine Wong
Starring Grace Shen, Corinne Chooey, Hana Wu, Joanne Chew

Three Chen Sisters – Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, Mama Chen hosts a feast the Chinese American way. The three daughters use the opportunity to introduce their boyfriends to their mother, but what they haven’t predicted is Jennifer’s surprising stunt.

Every family has its generational differences and it’s no different for Mama Chen (Grace Shen) and her three daughters. In Elaine Wong’s brilliantly crafted Three Chen Sisters – Thanksgiving, we are taken along with them to a Chinese-American Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, chopsticks, and tension.

Amanda (Hana Wu) and Maggie (Joanne Chew) each bring their respective boyfriends, Brandon (Juston Graber), who is white, and Jayden (Christian Henley), who is Black, along. But Mama Chen doesn’t seem to warm up to either of them despite Jayden trying his best to speak some Chinese. As Wong so accurately depicts, sometimes these generational differences come with prejudice, too. When Jennifer (Corinne Chooey) arrives with the seemingly perfect boyfriend, Qing (Anthony Tai), who clearly checks off all of the boxes, Mama Chen is immediately smitten. But there’s more than meets the eye.

The tension at the dinner table creates fantastic, perfectly-timed comedy. The twist not only works, but it shows us just how strong the bond is between these three sisters. And how sometimes, first impressions are not always accurate.

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Writer, Director, Producer: Elaine Wong
Cinematographer, Colorist: Anthony Kai Tung Liu
Editor: Connor Jacob
Composer: Peter Lam
Also featuring: Juston Graber, Christian Henley, Anthony Tai

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