Tokyo Lovers

APRIL 20, 2021
CAN | 19 minutes | 2018

Drama short film directed by Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha
Starring Mayumi Yoshida, Jerome Yoo

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Tokyo Lovers

Two strangers bonding over heartbreaks, and how their odd friendship helps them regain their dignity in big city Tokyo.

Director’s Statement

“Tokyo Lovers” is a love letter to every “single” person in TOKYO during X’mas.

In western culture, where Christmas came from, this specific day is when you gather with your family and spend time at home. Even if you’re a grown up.

In Japan, it is very different. There is no other city like Tokyo that makes you feel awful in Christmas time if you are not in a relationship.
They treat Christmas like it’s Valentines day. It’s a day for couples to exchange expensive gifts and see beautiful Christmas lights and go on romantic dates.

I hate this part of Tokyo. I hate how it makes you feel like you can’t enjoy Christmas without a significant other.
It’s a social norm in Tokyo that I think is ridiculous, which is why I wanted to see how two strangers can bond over heartbreaks, and how their odd friendship can help them regain their dignity.

We shot all of this during our vacation with limited resources.
We wrote the script in 2 days.
We all flew from Canada to shoot in Japan.
Only 3 crew. 2 Cameras, 4 cities in 7days.
90% was guerilla shoot.
We had a blast making this, I hope you enjoy.

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Directors, Writers: Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha
Producer, Cinematographer: Mayumi Yoshida
Featuring: Takayuki Suzuki, Emi Kamito, Yumi Nagashima

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