Upside, Down

JUNE 7, 2022
THA | 36 minutes | 2017

Drama short film directed by Natchanon Vana
Starring Jirakit Soonthornlarpyod, Pathavee Thepkraiwan

Upside, Down

The rise and fall of a modern relationship between Pete, a fashion designer, and Jay, a theatre actor as they both are trying to prolong their relationship and open a bar called “Upside, Down” during the year of tragedies.

Director’s Statement

I began making films in 2012 and have been telling my personal stories ever since. However, my intention for “Upside, Down was to recreate the story about Bangkok, Middle-class, and Gen-Y by telling the story in a form of a relationship of lovers. This film has perceived Pete and Jay only as a lover which I didn’t want to emphasise any LGBTQ issue because I’m telling this story from what I’ve seen in the social I live in, which gays are commonly accepted and have clearly been a part of the middle-class millennials. The term, “Bangkok Middle-class Millennial” is followed by a lot of questions including “Are we a representative of any kind of value?” or “What is Bangkok to us?”. But one of the most influential topic towards this project was, “superficiality”. The people of our generation has always been branded with this word. But we are admiring this superficiality, the superficiality of relationship, fashion, art, or anything people can be interested of. With this superficiality, the millennials can one day be a wine lover then next week they have sailing boat as their hobby. Every thing goes quickly because the Gen-Y does have the privilege of seeking the happiness which I believe that this privilege exists in the millennial more than any other generation. So I hope that “Upside, Down” can be a film which can tell about my culture and the people around me in this generation.

– Natchanon Vana

From Natchanon Vana, Upside, Down is a raw and realistic look at the ups and downs of a relationship between Pete and Jay as they work through life and their problems while they open a bar. The film shows us how two people face unexpected changes and deal with their problems alone and together.

Upside, Down is gorgeously framed and shot, well-edited, and anchored by two remarkable leading performances. The film gives us a tender look at relationships, tragedies, how people handle changes in their lives, and everything in between.

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Directors: Natchanon Vana, Suwanchart Suwanjaroen
Writers: Natchanon Vana, Kanapol Wongvisetpaiboon
Producers: Nitiwadee Kanjanatawee, Siyapat Piraatiwat
Cinematographer: Suwanchart Suwanjaroen
Editor: Asamaporn Samakphan

In Thai.

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