Vampire American

OCTOBER 15, 2021
USA | 18 minutes | 2018

Comedy, mockumentary short film directed by Keiko Sugihara
Starring Keiko Sugihara

Vampire American

In this very, super real documentary, Lauren, a lighthearted Vampire from Seattle, struggles to pursue acting in Los Angeles. While she preps for a big audition, she shares about challenges she faces in the industry such as Vampire representation and Humans being cast in Vampire roles, hate crimes, and audition experiences. Lauren questions her place in LA and must come to terms with her reality as a Vampire and actor, or call it quits.

Vampire American is a creative and comedic take on very real issues that marginalized actors often face in the industry. While it uses the vampire in the place of other marginalized groups such as Asian-Americans, a lot of the themes explored are highly relevant in real life.

Keiko Sugihara writes, directs, and stars in this mockumentary about Lauren, a young Vampire who is pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles. She speaks about her experiences at auditions, even taking us along with her to one, and how difficult it is to be seen and respected and even cast as who she is. She touches upon the lack of onscreen representation, as well as the hate crimes and slurs endured by Vampires. It’s a hard life and it can sometimes feel hopeless to pursue a career in a field where you don’t feel respected.

The choice to shoot this in the style of a documentary was an excellent one as it allows us to follow the main character around in her everyday moments. It also allowed more room to break the fourth wall and have her discuss certain things in an interview style. Each of the issues touched upon can easily draw their comparisons to the very real experiences of many people of color and marginalized groups in the entertainment industry face on a regular basis. And despite it all, the film remains hopeful that there’s still room for all of us to shine.

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Director, Writer, Producer: Keiko Sugihara
Producers: Sean Farina, Robert Chuck
Cinematographer: Stephen Ho
Editor: Kali Kasashima
Also featuring: Janet McGraw, Matt Frazier, Sandra Patroske, Montgomery Sternwood III, Eleanor Sugihara

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