Vlog #8998: Korean Karottenkuchen & Our Makeup Routine

DECEMBER 15, 2022
GER | 47 minutes | 2021

Documentary, vlog short film directed by Ji Su Kang-Gatto
Featuring Ji Su Kang-Gatto, Ji Hoe Kang

Vlog #8998: Korean Karottenkuchen & Our Makeup Routine

The artist Ji Su Kang-Gatto was born in South Korea, but has lived in Germany since the age of two. The language in which she can best express herself is German. Her sister, Ji Hoe Kang, who is nine years younger, was born in Germany but has lived in South Korea since she was seven. She no longer speaks German, but Korean. The 46-minute video work “Vlog #8998 | Korean Carrot Cake & Our Makeup Routine” revolves around the experiences and observations of the two sisters in everyday life and, as is usual for vlogs, can also be found on YouTube.

Vlog #8998 | Korean Karottenkuchen & Our Makeup Routine, directed by Ji Su Kang-Gatto, is an introspective look at identity and belonging through the eyes of two sisters.

Kang-Gatto was born in South Korea, but has lived in Germany since she was two, and best expresses herself in German. Her younger sister, however, was born in Germany but raised in South Korea and no longer speaks German, only Korean. The vlog follows both sisters in their day-to-day experiences around Germany side-by-side with photos and background of their childhood. It captures quiet moments as they spend time together, eat together, and do their makeup together as the filmmaker reflects on her upbringing and sense of belonging. It’s a feeling many Asian diaspora can empathize with as we often feel not enough or too less of one or both identities.

Simplistically shot and well-edited, the documentary vlog is a very real and unembellished exploration of identity, sense of belonging, and the perpetual feeling of being an outsider.

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Director, Camera, Editor, Concept: Ji Su Kang-Gatto
Additional camera: Ji Hoe Kang
Produced by: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

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