We Belong Here

JULY 9, 2021
USA | 16 minutes | 2020

Drama short film directed by Anna Lian Tes
Starring Jacky Park, Julia Rose

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We Belong Here

After Nina and Allie lose their mother, they decide to hit the road in her light blue minivan to look for their birth father. “We Belong Here” takes place at the end of a cross-country road trip when they run out of money and patience for each other.

We Belong Here is an insightful and beautifully shot story film about the complexities of a relationship between two sisters and discovering what home really means. With two engaging leads, an interesting and well-paced story, Anna Lian Tes delivers a universal film about love, family, and what it truly means to belong.

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Director, Writer, Producer: Anna Lian Tes
Producer, Editor: Alex Grybauskas
Cinematographer: Arthur Love (posthumous release)
Composer: Alex Butler
Also starring: Michelle Park, Gloria Ho, Jocelyn May
This film is dedicated in memory of DP Arthur Love, who passed away in early 2020.

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