Welcome Home

AUGUST 26, 2021
USA | 1 minute | 2018

Drama, LGBTQ+ short film by Isabella Tan
Starring Anna Mikami, Sarah Sumner

Welcome Home

A young Asian woman brings her girlfriend home for the first time to introduce to her family. Their trepidation of what could happen puts them both on edge.

Director’s Statement

As a young asian female filmmaker, it’s of utmost importance to me to develop stories about women and their identity, sexuality and struggles. I grew up in a traditional family and often wondered what it must be like if this situation happened to me. I remember very rarely seeing stories about Asian families that combat the usual stereotypes and I wanted to make something that would inspire women to be comfortable with who they are with the people they love and to start a conversation about what it means to love someone with an open minded point of view. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

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Director, Cinematographer: Isabella Tan
Producers: Jessica Green, Natalia Rivas

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