Wing Chun: An Untold Tale

JANUARY 12, 2023
CAN | 11 minutes | 2022

Martial arts, action short film directed by Yenvy Dang Chau
Starring Yenvy Dang Chau, Jiachen Peng

Wing Chun: An Untold Tale

Chinese title: 詠春

The legendary tale of the classic kung fu heroine, 嚴詠春 Yim Wing-Chun, retold with a little Dragon Lords twist…

Follow 詠春 Wing-Chun, a girl who loves kung fu and selling tofu, but is also a bit different than your average mid-Qing Dynasty girl, on her journey of self-acceptance.

Director’s Statement

For those of you who feel alone, unable to fit into the norm, feeling apologetic about being yourself — don’t. Be yourself and be proud of it; because only when you do so will there be the day when people will accept you and you will find your place.

Where there are differences as well as there are similarities. Let us work together to create a warm and welcoming space for those who may seem different from you. There are many pleasant surprises when you allow yourself to give way to kindness.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and the people around us to make it a better place for all _/_

– Dragon Lords

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Director, Writer: Yenvy Dang Chau
Produced by: Dragon Lords
Cinematography by: Jonathan Fung, Jiachen Peng, Yenvy Dang Chau
Editor, Action Director: Jiachen Peng
Music by: Li Tai-Hsiang, Chen Yang, Yim Hok-Man
Also featuring: Steven Ma, Jonathan Fung

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