Xing Yi Quan: Techniques and Applications

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021
USA | 4 minutes | 2014

Martial arts, kung fu, educational short film directed by Jon Truei
Featuring Keith Min

Xing Yi Quan: Techniques and Applications

A showcase by martial arts instructor Sifu Keith Min of Xing Yi Quan: one of the three primary “internal” styles of Chinese Kung Fu.

Jon Truei’s Xing Yi Quan: Techniques and Applications is a stunning showcase of a martial artist, the Sifu Keith Min, demonstrating one of the internal styles of the Chinese Kung Fu: Xing Yi Quan. Xing Yi is characterized by aggressive and linear movements with explosive power that is mostly applied from within a short range.

The choice to have the film cut between Min’s rooftop training solo and scenes of him fighting opponents in a nondescript place really helps us visualize how that training and the movements are applied in real hand-to-hand combat. This helps pace the showcase and is reminiscent of a lot of films centering on martial arts, kung fu, or boxing.

Xing Yi Quan: Techniques and Applications is both exciting to watch and educational for anyone interested in this particular fighting technique.

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Concept: Jon Truei, Keith Min
Director, Editor: Jon Truei
Producers: Jon Truei, Matt Morgan, Joseph J. Depasquale
Cinematographer: Matt Morgan
Sound/Music by: Rich Arenas
Also featuring fighters: Kenny Wong, Joey Min, Matt Healey, Lang Yip, Jayson Soto

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